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ShibillionaireBoysClub was the answer to a simple question.

What would happen if an apparel company instituted tokenomics?

The answer is simply the start of a revolution.

Projects built on the foundation of community involvement are the untamed wilderness of our future. As we move further away from rigid social structures and traditional mindsets, we become free to discover new ways to solve problems and relate to one another.

In a world ruled by the commodification of time, community-based projects are more than just a change of pace, they are a way to practice the radical acceptance of others. When success depends on the shared strength of the individuals who make up a collective, we are forced to shift our perspective to align with those around us. In the Spirit of the Shiba Inu ($SHIB) project, the ShibillionaireBoysClub is our way of recognizing the importance of tearing down a long-established paradigm of a formulaic success and building a path to freedom and creativity in its place.

We are standing at a pivotal moment in innovation.

Never before on Earth has an apparel company implemented any sort of tokenomics associated with the sale of merchandise. This small change in how the proceeds from the purchase of apparel are redistributed will absolutely change the game for crypto merch. ShibillionaireBoysClub (SHIBBC) is setting the new standard. Why buy a regular t-shirt advertising a token when you can buy a SHIBBC shirt that actually triggers interactions with that crypto currency?

ShibillionaireBoysClub is changing the way the world thinks about crypto merchandise. The days of regular apparel are long gone. SHIBBC is introducing utility to our merch by adding buyback and burn features to each sale.


Buyback: 10% of each sale will go to an automatic buyback of $SHIB. Each purchase will take $SHIB out of circulation. This way we can assist in the buying pressure of the token just by getting dressed.

Burn: 10% of each sale will buy $SHIB and send it to the burn Wallet the Shiba army has been using. Each purchase will buy $SHIB and burn it. This feature will remove $SHIB from existence which helps to decrease the available quantity overtime and drive the price up.

The $SHIB Army has surpassed 1 Million holders. If every holder buys 1 ShibillionaireBoysClub shirt we will buy and burn $5.6 Million worth of Shiba Inu token.


1M Holders x $28 = $28M

$28M x 10% = $2.8M Bought and Staked

$28M x 10% = $2.8M Bought and Burned



The design choice was obvious given the nature of the token. Not only are many people Shibillionaires because they hold over 1 Billion tokens, but some people have actually managed to HODL until their $SHIB investment actually turned into a Billion dollars!! Everyone wants to be a Shibillionaire. The brand combines classic well established viral design features with the $SHIB logo in fun and stylish ways. The look is both fly and functional, including various QR codes that not only add to the aesthetic but also link back to different websites in the $SHIB ecosystem to help drive interest from admirers. (More exciting news to come on this.)

As if rocking fly gear that both looks good and advertises our favorite token was not enough, ShibillionaireBoysClub merchandise also puts upward pressure on the price of the Shiba Inu token by buying and burning $SHIB with each sale. This gives $SHIB holders four distinct reasons to buy the apparel. It looks dope, it advertises $SHIB, it moves $SHIB into cold storage, and it burns $SHIB.

We are not just selling merchandise, we are making apparel that is a functional part of the Shiba Inu Token ecosystem.


The Devs/Designers:

We are a group of $SHIB Five Star Generals who have been marching with the $SHIB Army since February, 2021. We were all fortunate enough to get our hands on over a billion tokens early and have been HODLing it down ever since.

General Shibumpy Johnsinu been moving this digital work in Harlem since 2019.  Crypto is the new numbers game. Luchinu falling from the sky.

General Madame Shib J Walker is best known for her entrepreneurial energy, bodacious baby hairs, and trendsetting tenacity. She could've been a Bitcoin babe, but now she's in the Grypto Gang.  Grrrr.

General Shibron James makes shots that win championshibs, so calm they can't see his pulse. Crypto noob in 2018, motto "buy high, sell low." Recovering moonboi.

General Shiboing Boing Maaan aka Sir Balaenoptera Musculus.  A pioneer in the crypto space since 2017.  Buy red sell green, if you know what I mean. Don’t take your eyes off the prize, Shibillionaires on the rise.

General Shibruce Linu.  More on this Shibillionaire coming soon...


We all share the same aspirations with the rest of the $SHIB Army. Shiba to $1. We often joked about one day being Shibillionaires in fiat. More recently we fully embraced the Shibillionaire title recognizing that we do not have to wait until the value of our holdings reach a billion dollars since our token amounts make us Shibillionaires right now. 

Being forward thinkers in both fashion and economics we put our heads together to figure out how we can contribute to the Army beyond shilling, buying the token, and holding. The answer was the name of our group chat the entire time. ShibillioniareBoysClub. With the name established we wanted to push the idea to the limit. 

Merchandise is functional in that it advertises an idea but that was not enough for us. We are crypto people! We need the tokenomics. More specifically, being longtime Shiba Inu holders, we know that we need more burns. Members of the Shiba Army top to bottom from the developers to the holders have been looking for innovative ways to burn the token and here is an incredible way for all of us to accomplish that goal. 

Our revolutionary idea of adding functional tokenomics to merchandise is going to forever change the way people think about crypto apparel and help propel Shiba Inu token to the Moon!



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