SHIBBC: Crypto Drip 

Shibillionaire Boys Club (SHIBBC) is a crypto-conscious apparel brand revolutionizing the way we get dressed. As if rocking fly gear that both looks good and advertises our favorite token was not enough, ShibillionaireBoysClub merchandise also puts upward pressure on the price of the Shiba Inu ($SHIB) token by buying and burning $SHIB with each sale. This gives $SHIB holders four distinct reasons to buy the apparel. It looks dope, it advertises $SHIB, it takes $SHIB out of circulation, and it burns $SHIB.

SHIBBC apparel can be purchased by clicking here or on any of the product photos below.

The design choice was obvious given the nature of the token. Not only are many people Shibillionaires because they hold over 1 Billion tokens, but some people have actually managed to hodl until their $SHIB investment actually turned into a Billion dollars!! Everyone wants to be a Shibillionaire. The brand combines classic well established viral design features with the $SHIB logo in fun and stylish ways. The look is both fly and functional, including various QR codes that not only add to the esthetic but also link back to different websites in the $SHIB ecosystem to help drive interest from admirers. (More exciting news to come on this.)

We are not just selling merchandise, we are making apparel that is a functional part of the Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Token ecosystem.

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