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ShibillionaireBoysClub (SHIBBC) was the answer to a simple question: 

What would happen if an apparel company instituted Tokenomics? 

The answer is simply the start of a revolution. 

ShibillionaireBoysClub is setting the new standard. Why buy a regular t-shirt advertising a token when you can buy a SHIBBC shirt that actually triggers interactions with that crypto currency?

ShibillionaireBoysClub is changing the way the world thinks about crypto merchandise. The days of regular apparel are long gone. SHIBBC is introducing utility to our merch by adding buyback and burn features to each sale.

What is Crypto Drip?  Style that makes cents.

10% of each sale Buys $SHIB

10% of each sale Burns $SHIB



Buyback: 10% of each SHIBBC sale will go to an automatic buyback of $SHIB. Each purchase of SHIBBC merch will buy and take $SHIB out of circulation by staking it on ShibaSwap. This way we can assist in the buying pressure of the token just by getting dressed

10% BURN

 Burn: 10% of each SHIBBC sale will buy $SHIB and send it to the burn Wallet the $SHIB army has been using. Each purchase of SHIBBC will buy $SHIB and burn it. This feature will remove $SHIB from existence which helps to decrease the available quantity overtime and drive the price up.

The Shib Army is  1 Million holders strong!

If every holder buys 1 ShibillionaireBoysClub (SHIBBC) tee shirt we will buy and burn $5.6 Million worth of Shiba Inu ($SHIB) token. 

1M Holders x $28 = $28M

$28M x 10% = $2.8M Bought and Staked 

$28M x 10% = $2.8M Bought and Burned


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